Vision, Mission, and Objective


To become a center of excellence and competitiveness in science, technology, and culture, through the efforts of educating the nation by improving the welfare of the community, thereby contributing to the development of Indonesian society and the world. (Ref: Govermnent Regulation No. 68 / 2013 about Statute of Universitas Indonesia)


The establishment of Culture Quality that will be able to lead the university to achieve its vision and mission.


Quality Assurance Process At UI

Multilevel-step by step, thorough and continuous evaluation àimprovement


a) to provide a broad and equitable access for good quality in teaching and education;
b) to conduct good quality and relevant Higher Education Tridharma activities that relate to the national and global challenges;

c) to produce high intellect graduates with noble character, and able to compete globally; and
d) to create an academic atmosphere that supporting the realization of UI vision.

1. To provide academic quality assurance system at UI, which includes: quality control and development;
2. To continually improve the quality standards at UI.


  1. To create an inclusive educational community, based on culture, trust, integrity, mutual respect and diversity in a safe and friendly environment;
  2. To prepare the students to become intelligent and conscientious graduates through the provision of educational programs that clear and focused so that science, technology, and culture  can be implemented, developed, and enriched ;
  3. To develop and disseminate science, technology, and culture as well as its application in order to improve the dignity and lives of the society , and to enrich the national culture;
  4. To encourage and support active participation of the civitasacademica in development and dedication to the democratic, prosperous, and civilized community as an independent moral force;
  5. To strengthen the role of higher education institution, and to cooperate with other institutions and professional associations, so that the graduates can obtain professional skills ;
  6. To improve the quantity and quality of service to the nation, the state, and the world through collaboration, partnerships, and opportunities for cultural enrichment and continuing education, and;
  7. To invest in professional development and technology for civitasacademica UI and technology in order to achieve excellence competitiveness through teaching, research, and community service;

1. To develop internal quality assurance standards UI that based on National regulations to achieve university objectives;
2. To improve academic quality assurance at UI through overall, gradually, consistent, and sustainable evaluation;
3. To encourage the quality improvement of UI Tridharma in accordance with the UI visions and the demands of stakeholder interest in the quality of service as well as UI graduates;
4. To improve the ability of academic quality through the development of national and international benchmarkings.