Target and Program

According to UI Strategic Plan 2015-2019, the Programs and Targets of  BPMA are as  followed:

1. Quality Assurance
Improvement Program

Program target:

  1. Implementation of UI internal quality assurance program in both academic and non-academic aspects in a comprehensive, regular , consistent, and continuous way at all levels;
  2. The supporting data  availability for self-evaluation of study program;
  3. The full fill  of  both internal and external audit implementation program at program level
  4. Increasing the number of study program participating in the international level assessment;
  5. Increasing the UI ranking at international level through facilitating academic quality improvement as a continuous process;


2. Stabilization of integrated system and good university governance Program

Program Target:
The Realization of UI quality culture by optimizing the monitoring system and evaluation objectives, programs, and performance-based activities;