Information Systems
Collaboration with DSTI (Directorate of System and Information Technology),  BPMA has developed:

  1. Lecturer Teaching Perfromance Evaluation by Students (EDOM) through Lecturer,
  2. Academic Quality Assurance Information Systems (SIPMA) UI through
  3. BPMA website:

Lecturer Teaching Perfromance Evaluation by Students (EDOM) is an instrument to assess the performance of lecturers in the learning process at the end of each semester. EDOM has been applied since 2000 at 10 faculties and applied on-line since 2006. The Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry have applied EFOM (Facilitator Evaluation by Students). Beside those two faculty has applied Problem Base Learning Strategy. EFOM on- line has been conducted since the academic year of 2008/2009. EDOM / EFOM is beneficial for lecturers / facilitators to get students’ perceptions of the learning process conducted. For the management of the University / Faculties / Departments / Study Programs, the EDOM / EFOM results can be used as a reference to improve the management quality and learning processes associated academic staff  performance.


SIPMA UI is a home for the on-line Internal Evaluation Semester (EVISEM) and Annual Internal Evaluation (EVITAH) which will be held in April and October according to Academic Calendar. Internal Evaluation Semester (EVISEM) is a program to control the Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI). EVISEM instrument was designed based on the needs Universitas Indonesia to get the program achievement in one semester based on criteria and indicators that have been set. The indicators used were  mainly referred to the Quality Components for Study Program Accreditation by the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN PT), and the quality criteria issued by the ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN-QA). The EVITAH was designed base on the Evisem Result, that enable  the Heads of  Faculty / Program to plan the improvement of study program for one academic year.

Dokuments of BPMA
The existing BPMA documents that meant to facilitate the work in BPMA and Directorate / units related to academic quality, as followed:

1. Reference Academic Quality Assurance System/ SPMA UI (2004)
2. The guidance of Opening New Program at University of Indonesia (2005)
3. Seven (7) Books Academic Quality Assurance UI:

1) Ideal Platform (2007)
2) Academic Quality Management (2007)
3) Curriculum and Student (rev 2012)
4) Lecturer (rev 2012)
5) Research and Society Engagement (2007)
6) Facility and Infrastructure (rev 2012)
7) Implementation of e-learning (rev 2012)

4. SPMI Research Program (rev 2012)
5. BPMA quality document based on ISO 9001-2008 (Rev. 2014)
6. Internal Quality Assurance System of UI / SPMI UI (2016)
7. SPMI for Implementation of Collaboration (2014)
8. UI Academic Internal Audit (AIA) Guidelines (rev 2016)

9. AIA Guideline for Internal Auditor (rev 2016)
10. Instruments of evaluation:

1) EDOM instrument on line
2) Semester Internal Evaluation (EVISEM) for study program (2014)
3) Annual Internal Evaluation (EVITAH) for study program (2014)
4) Evaluation of SPMI Implementation (Rev. 2016)
5) Evaluation of SNP Fullfilment (Rev 2016)
6) Monitoring and Evaluation of Units at UI pertaining with Quality Assurance (2016)
7) Stakeholders satisfaction of Service BPMA (rev 2015)

8) Instrument of data colleting for QS WUR (2015)