Organisational Structure

BPMA is an independent board at Universitas Indonesia that directly  responsible to the Rector.  Academic quality assurance process at Universitas Indonesia is carried out in different levels, from the university down to the study program  level. Therefore BPMA coordinates with Faculty/Program level units, namely Academic Quality Assurance Unit (UPMA), to conduct its task. These units coordinate each other in carrying out quality assurance at Universitas Indonesia.

Internal organization based on duties and functions of BPMA UI



  1. To conduct quality assurance based on UI quality management system (QMS), in seven aspects, namely:
  2. Strategic and development plan;
  3. Program objective, policy, and planning;
  4. Learning environment;
  5. Academic program;
  6. Student support and development;
  7. Academic staff and employee management;
  8. Facility, infrastructure, and finance;
  9. To conduct effectively and efficiently regular evaluation of  Tridharma Higher Education activities ;
  10. To coordinate the QS rankings data collection;



  1. To drive the implementation of UI Quality Assurance System and other necessary instruments;
  2. To controll the academic quality at all levels at UI;
  3. To develop the instrument of SPMI UI; Internal Quality Assurance Standard/SPMI
  4. To build the quality assurance units at UI;
  5. To implement the Internal Academic Audit at UI;
  6. To build the quality assurance collaboration nationally and internationally with other institutions /agencies / institutes;
  7. To suggest recommendations about the improvement of quality enchancement to the Rector based on internal evaluations