The activities of quality assurance in 2015-2019 are focused on the monitoring and Plan Do Check Action (PDCA)  process evaluation of Tridharma Higher Education  activities in supporting the UI Strategic Plan 2015-2019 to build University of Indonesia Towards Leading in Asia.


Core Activities:

  1. Internal Evaluation (EVIN) for study programs which are to be accreditated or re-accreditated by national accreditation agencies
  2. Internal Evaluation (EVIN) for study programs which are to be assessed by AUN QA
  3. Assisting the AUN-QA assessment at study program level
  4. Online Semester Internal Evaluation (EVISEM) for all study  programs
  5. On-line Annual Internal Evaluation (EVITAH) for all study programs
  6. Evaluation of Lecturer/Facilitator performance in the learning process (EDOM / EFOM) by Students
  7. Monitoring and Evaluation (Monevin) the quality of all units
  8. Evaluation of fulfillment of the SNP Plus
  9. Evaluation of the SPMI Implementation at all unit
  10. Academic Internal Audit at study program level
  11. Development of Academic Quality Assurance System (Guidelines, Manuals, Forms, Standards.)
  12. Training for SAR (Self Assessment Report) Document Preparation, and assessment of AUN QA
  13. Training for Academic Internal Auditor
  14. Development and empowerment of BPMA staff, UPMA, Internal Assessors/Auditors


Additional activities:

  1. Provide input to the internal and external parties, pertinent with the academic quality improvement.
  2. As resource person/ speakers/facilitators in Quality Assurance (QA) or Quality Control (QC).
  3. As resource person involved in extension activities, opening new study programs, internal and external accreditation, etc.
  4. as coordinator of QS ranking data collection.