The importance of quality control in higher education had already stated since The Government Regulation No. 30/1990 about Higher Education, especially in the Chapter 14, paragraph 121 about supervision and accreditation. The Academic Quality Assurance Board (BPMA) is an internal body at Universitas Indonesia (UI) that establishes and responsible academic quality assurance systems in every level at UI, ranging from study program, department, faculty up to directorate / unit in the UI Administration Center. BPMA, previously was established as the Academic Audit Board (BAA), is an independent unit at the university level as stated in the UI Statuta in 1992 Article 21. BAA was established in 2002 based on UI Rector Decree No. 123/ SK / R / UI / 2000 which regulates the Organization and Management of Academic Audit Board UI.

Internal Quality Assurance System of Universitas Indonesia was regulated¬† based on Rector’s Decree No. 1421/SK/R/UI/2010 on Academic Quality Assurance System at the UI. This Rector Decree was renewed by the Rector Regulation No. 009 year 2016 on Internal Quality Assurance System of Universitas Indonesia.

Along with a greater task & obligations, the Academic Audit Board changed into the Academic Quality Assurance Board in 2004, based on the UI Rector Decree No. 012 / SK / UI / 2004 in Organizational Structure for the implementation of Academic Quality Assurance at Universitas Indonesia. The functions of BPMA UI were stated in Government Regulation No. 68 /2013 about UI Statute, Article 52 paragraphs 3 and 4. In order to improve the performance of quality assurance services, BPMA has implemented a Quality Management System and ISO 9001: 2008 certified in February 2013 and re-certification ISO 9001:2015 in July 2018.